Guest Post: Fighting for Your Life with Fashion

Submitted By: Jackie Clark

In the face of a serious prognosis, inner beauty begins to tarnish and fade. Women with a diagnosis of mesothelioma deal with more than discouraging words from mesothelioma doctors and difficult treatments. Life doesn’t stop just because a woman is fighting to keep her own. The new schedule of clinic visits and so on doesn’t make old responsibilities disappear. Unfortunately, when something has to give, that something frequently becomes self-care.

Of course, women make it to their appointments and treatments. They may even manage to eat fairly regularly and perhaps get proper sleep, but self-care done right extends beyond these basics. For a woman, self-care also needs to include care for personal appearance. In days when simple existence is no small challenge, a woman’s inner beauty often needs a bit of dusting. Surprisingly, the best boost to inner beauty often comes from the outside. Fashion frequently provides a much-needed pick-me-up for women struggling emotionally. The colorful looks of 2012 provide emotionally buoying comfort and confidence. Today’s popular designs offer flattering and enjoyable styles for any woman’s taste.

A new outfit often offers a new outlook on life. Young women who enjoy skinny jeans will find clothing stores now offering wide selections of tunic tops to match. Both patterns and solid jewel tones are popular. Modern paisley designs, larger and more graceful than previous incarnations, splash across many of these tunics in colors schemes from classic black and white to ravishing orange, aqua and yellow pallets.
Fashionable patterns for this year’s clothing have grown in size. Along with big paisley patterns, large floral patterns as well as immense abstract shapes can be found on dresses, skirts, jackets and even pantsuits.

Shopping offers unparalleled therapy for the downtrodden spirit. On a good day, women with cancer diagnoses can benefit from a trip to a clothing store. Bringing a helpful friend along makes the day even more enjoyable. Nothing uplifts the spirit like good vibes from fun colors and exciting new designs. Each woman and her friend will enjoy finding fun new looks to try. Never buy something that isn’t comfortable, but cute fashions that look great afford the means to polish a woman’s inner beauty.
Once a fashionable outfit or two is chosen and purchased, a woman has the pleasure of debuting it. Even if she only goes out to keep doctor appointments or attend treatments, the new outfit grants a new outlook, not only for her but also for those who know her. Medical staff will notice the extra effort given toward looking great. The confidence boost she receives will command attention as well. This small step in self-care may even set her on a faster track toward complete health.

No magic cure exists for women with a grim prognosis of mesothelioma cancer. Whether asbestos exposure has been implicated or the cause is completely unknown, dealing with this life-threatening illness poses an enormous challenge. Inner beauty does not disappear in the midst of trying times. A little self-care and retail therapy aimed at reclaiming physical beauty through fashion frequently enhances the sparkle of inner beauty and strength. With renewed courage, a woman will find inside herself more strength than she ever knew she had.

A Big Thanks to my dearest friend Aacy for helping me out with the shoot.
Much Love.
Photographer: Rawky Ksh
Model: Aien Jamir & Aacy Jungi
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