A Lil Gothic…

There’s no harm in trying a lil gothic once a blue moon what say?
Thought that this very piece (Dress-Cum-Jacket) can do justice to my gothic theme look.
Though my make-up was very minimal (preferred it that way).
I tried to make a bow out of my hair but without much luck :(
For this certain bow thingy you really need thick hair with volumes which I lack (DUH!)
The best thing about the dress is it has a touch of vintage because of its shoulders.
And anything got to do with vintage I DIE :)
Hope you’ll enjoy this look too…

PHOTO CREDIT: Temsuna Lemtur

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Berty Morales
5 years 23 days ago

You look amazing and great photos!

5 years 22 days ago

This is so cool, I ike your unconventional style. The black and white fits the theme.

Shivangi Singh
5 years 22 days ago

This is a beautiful photo shoot…you actually look like someone right out of the Victorian era…loved it!!

5 years 21 days ago

love black and white photos and the drees is really pretty too.


5 years 21 days ago

Preciosas fotografías!!! Lindo tiempo!

5 years 20 days ago

So editorial like, I love this look!

Anna Brain
5 years 18 days ago

So beautiful!! <3

I'm your new follower! :)

5 years 18 days ago
Ladyfairy closet
5 years 18 days ago

Great pics!

5 years 17 days ago