Time Out from Hustle Bustle

I feel like my friends are much more concerned about my wellness than myself (:p)
One thing I know for sure is that I work so much that I sometimes forget to eat as well :(
So this time my dear friend surprised me with a treat at ITC Maurya Hotel here in Delhi :)
I was completely overwhelmed by her concern.
It was a first time experience for me at Maurya and I was totally impressed by everything!!! Food, Ambiance, Services etc.
I took the liberty to pose away as much as possible in all the spots but but but I need to visit at least a hundred times more to cover all the spots!!!!
Now I have decided to take a day out at least a month just to ease out from all the Hustle Bustle.
My next visit will be Bhukara Restaurant where Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger dined :) Yippey!!!

From Roof  Top
 I Just Love This Giant Vintage Trunk!!!
 The Above Paintings are M.F. Hussain Works
The Precious Stones ;p
Thank you Gabriel for the filling treat :-*
And hey guys go easy on your work 😀
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