Frica Shoes

Just last week I attended the pre-promo of the online store “FricaShoes”.
Enam & Uktra, the proud owners of the lovely collection really did an awesome job!
Only few close friends and family members were there to grace the occasion.
It was a fun event more like a gathering. Good food, drinks and pleasant people to be around.
Frica Shoes was named after their mother Frica.
They offer shoes of all kinds and colors with a varied price ranges which will not burn your pocket and yes you get to own the best picks. They have in leather, patent, suede and in canvas. There were enough colors to pick, be it metallic, bold colors or just plain nude. High heels, wedges, pumps, peep-toe etc you name it, they got it. Their collection will definitely turn some heads and break some hearts :p
Frica Shoes will be the most popular shoe stores on the web in no time.
Here’s a few sneak peek pictures.

 Enam in Action :)
 My Fav. Picks
Temsuna From BlissFound
Oh! BTW “The Brother” was totally entertaining took full charge and also did major marketing side by side 😀
Their website is easy to access and to place orders. So feel free to visit their store and also like their facebook page if it’s not too much for you guys.
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loved ur post & really impressing….u doing great job …..xoxoxo

Here is my post just it out…..& please do comment me for my improvement ….!!

Fashion Criminal Twinsladybug *_*: BlackToTransparent

a must this season..its so fresh and yummy.btw u look gorgeous sis <3 much love..xx

wat an amazing collection! i want em all 😀

Woww.. the heels look sooo tempting.. I am already checking out their collection, I do hope they keep my size (40) 😀