An unexpected Weekend

My weekend went great despite the confusion and some few spoilers….
I took the liberty to shoot away and play around since I had the whole weekend to myself…
What I am wearing?
A sheer maxi dress, very feminine and simple.
Very light make-up.
And a statement neck piece just to finish the look.

Oh BTW I did the hair myself 😀
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5 years 8 days ago

spoilers…ppfffttt…..thank those spoilers for this hot post…hehee…stunning!! 😉

Corner Curl Girl
5 years 8 days ago

Looking great there, dear! 😉

kate a la mode
5 years 8 days ago

Gorgeous – love both the dress and the necklace!!

Samuel C
5 years 8 days ago

Love it, love it love it! Great, feminine and movement, great!

Christina Noir
5 years 4 days ago

Wow, STUNNING!!! U look beautiful and I love your dress :-).
Check out my blog, I'd appreciate more follows if you haven't already :-)

Tiffany Cruz
4 years 11 months ago

Super love the dress! It's gorgeous. Following you now :) hope you return the favour