FEATURED: FEMINA, 17th April 2013 Issue

After the runways, street style has become the next fashionable sight for fashion lovers. One cannot miss the style rush on the Delhi streets that sets the style meter impeccably high. Interestingly, for this stylish people nothing is less, nothing is more, and nothing is cheap or expensive for they don’t say no to anything, from high street labels to the flea market items to thrifting as they own all the style elements to set the statement right.
A stroll around Select city walk, Haus Khas Village, Connaught place, Paharganj or Sarojini Nagar and one is sure to find an overwhelming fashion quotient to come back home with. The other exciting facet about the fashion scene in this part of the country is the mixed bags of style that it is abound with. There is no specific style that the place revolves around for one can see a touch of personal style and individuality in every second stylish soul.
As the hub for many young students and professionals from across the country with varying styles and taste it is difficult to specify the genre of style this place is inclined to but there is no dearth of the stylistas. Favoring their taste is the huge presence of both flea market and high street malls. Hence, this is surely the place for styling of any kind depending on one’s budget and taste.

Olika Awomi: The high waisted leather mint shorts worn with a plain black vest gets its funky streak with the cropped jacket from Mango that has leather, denim and spikes fused together. A street style all set to embrace the fast approaching summers with a dash of bright pink and neon green. The neon pink platform heels standing tall and the large bag emits the sophisticated air that can work both for a day or night look.
Name: Olika Awomi, 21, Student
Jacket: Mango
Shoe: Zara
Leather mint shorts: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever New
Ring: Forever 21
Black Vest: Zara
Shades: Mango
Yanam Wahge: Here is a style that goes the entire hog on only one piece of garment. Yanam 22, a fashion student is seen going all out with her see through “self made” neon green maxi skirt, the intricately detailed embroidered work on the see through area distracts the plain netted fabric. However, the skirt it is as long or as short as it looks for it brings to one’s fashion imagination a “how you see is what you get” attire. The subtlety in the ensemble is derived from the plain black corset neatly tucked in. She has resorted to minimal accessorizing with a slim black belt and a lone spiked bracelet and in the process still allowing the “neon skirt” to reign the look.
Name: Yanam Wahge, 22, Fashion Student
Skirt: Self-Made
Corset: Ladybug
Shoes: Zara
Accessories and Bag: Aldo
Zunaili Malik, 23 a fashion Intern dons a get up that screams comfort and chic. The loosely worn black jumper from forever 21 is the perfect choice to go with the orange cotton pants from Zara striking the right color balance. A look undoubtedly achieved without much effort. The prominently studded shoes, the golden necklace with a heart shaped pendant and the assortment of bangles was all that was needed to inch up the style factor of the no frills look.
Name: Zunaili Malik, 23, Fashion Intern
Pants: Zara
Jumper: Forever21
Sling: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: Flea market
Watch: Titan
Anen Imti 24, training to be a chef presents a look that can be re-created for many occasions with the denim hot pants as the ‘must retain’ piece for all as they can never go wrong with anything. This time it’s about a generous dose of accessorizing while adding a dash of Hinduism with the Om printed shirt obediently tucked in but with randomly folded sleeves. The tassled sling bag, the fedora hat and the classic black leather boots doles out a timeless grunge style that no fashion enthusiast can overlook. The almost rounded shades from AJ store took the look back to the Lennon era in all vintage elegance.
Name: Anen Imti, 24, Training to be a chef
Boots: Bangkok
Sling bag: Paharganj
Hat: Accessories women
Shades: AJ Store
Belt: Gifted

Esha Mehta: If you know what you want and how you want it than there is none better than your “Daarzi” bhaiya to do it for you. This fashionista reminds the fashion lovers that the tailors are not just for altering your hemlines. She has tailored the ombre fashion craze into total style in the form of the floor sweeping sheer maxi skirt elegantly teamed with a tailored dapper black blazer and a pair of clogs. The sling bag gives rise to the spike fad that is doing the rounds. A style on the street that has broken the conventional fashion notion “floor sweeping numbers are for red carpet affairs and black blazers are for corporate dos”.

Name: Esha Mehta, 19, Student
Tee: Zara
Blazer: Stitched
Skirt: Stitched
Necklace and rings: Thrifted
Shoe: Forever21
Bag: Zara
Photographer: Temsuna Lemtur & Rawky Ksh
Special Thanks to Moala Longchar.
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