On Repeat

When I know I have a long day ahead of me running around till the sun goes down I have to think smart and come up with a sassy yet chic outfit. I try to look good whenever I step out of my house. Why because, whenever I’m at my worst I see and meet so many people and when I’m at my best I meet none! And this is no exaggeration, it always happens to me!!!
I love over-sized clothes (be it shirt or dress ) and anything cotton in summer.
Not many people love clothes that are hanging and doesn’t do justice to their figure but for me it’s all about comfort plus I don’t like drawing attentions when I have shit load of work to be done. I like to overdo myself once a while but sometimes I like to go easy breezy.
So here’s one of my most loved over-size dress with gladiator flats which I’m wearing on repeat.

Hope you’ll love it. Do let me know what’s your summer style, what is it that you wear on repeat 😀
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hey there…iv been obsessed with your blog for a while now…but its the first time I am leaving a comment :)
I love this dress…and each one you ever wear..
congratulations and lots of love

Thank you so much dear…
Feels good to know I have consistent reader on my blog 😀


I know you have thousands…I am just one of them :) love…

Love this dress..where did you get it from?

Hey dear I sold this dress on my online clothing store.