For Sophia Manda Sangma

It was such an honour to collaborate with Sophia Sangma who owns the fashion brand Sophia Manda Sangma. 
The piece that I’m wearing is a part of the collection that she designed for one of her clients. 
Of the lot, I chose the turquoise colour as I have never tried turquoise fashion with the exception of jewellery.

Sophia Manda Sangma is a Ready-To-Wear clothing label launched in 2010 by a Fashion Designer Sophia Sangma, graduated from Pearl  Academy of Fashion, Delhi. Worked with a Fashion Designer, Nitin Bal Chauhan  before launching her own label.
The brand gives credence in expressing the authenticity of designs. They are explored by incorporating with the techniques that is indigenously available and later reinforce its aesthetics into contemporary designs. The brand’s idea have evolved in creating a combination of simple and elaborate into innovatively effortless transformation.
The brand considerately takes precedence on fabrics and silhouettes in order to meet the wearer’s needs. Its unique character is defined from its personality, refinement and understated elegance.
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this is sheer prettiness! love the look on you! <3