My New Look

Ok, some of the drawbacks that I’m facing with a short and global red hair-do are as follows:
* Running out of hair styles. Either it’s natural wavy messy hair or with the help of a styling rod I can do some curling.
** Pony-tail issues. I can’t tie my hair. And sometimes (since summer is already here) the hair irritates my neck because I’m not used to letting my hair down 24/7.
*** Red alert. Since the red color stands out so much I have to compromise on my makeup and clothes. No more red lips. I have started buying nude and pale pink lip colors.
**** No more mix-matching. Unless I’m ready to roll some eyes.
But despite the above issues. I still favor short hair. It’s been more than 20 years that I’ve had long tresses. Having said that, I was badly in need of a makeover. So whatever the issues are I think I’m managing it pretty well. No biggie.
The best part is I’m saving so much on shampoos and conditioners.
Also with short hair I save a lot of time on everything from washing, drying to styling.



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You look wonderful :)

u look very nice :)

love your hair


That's a striking red! You look wonderful.. and change is the only constant thing!

Sigrid Olsen Clothing

No issues at all. The fabric was perfect. It also came with a scarf the same fabric of the dress. The dress looks just like the picture. I love it. Thank you for the price it was a deal!

Thank you Dana… hugs…

Thank you Sanskriti… hugs… thanks for stopping by…

Thank you Shikha… hugs…

Indeed… thanks for stopping by…. hugss…

Love your new look. The colour suits you so well. :)