Safe Haven

 I was house hunting for over a month. And let me tell you this, it’s not fun at all especially when you’re on a budget.
Deciding and making plans to shift is easy but the later part is just the opposite.
Frustration did take a toll on me and not forgetting the kind of houses the brokers showed us.
All I did was cringe and roll my eyes and make that disappointing face and say, “ kya bhaiya yeh toh requirement kay hesaab se nahi hai”. There were times when I felt like crying and giving up (honest).
But moving to a new place was so necessary and it was the 1st thing to do on my New Year’s resolution list.
So after looking at almost 20-30 houses we finally got the one we needed.
There were few compromises we made with the requirements other than that I must say this place is Safe haven.
I still have tons of work to do, unpacking and arranging but for now I’m the happiest living in my new flat.
Oh, btw my dog (Layla) seems much more excited and happy with the place as now she has more room to roam around.

To move ahead we need changes in our lives and take the plunge. I guess I did the right thing.
Now I’m just hoping to welcome good-better things in days to come.
Trying to live the kind of life where you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are. 
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Good luck with your move!

thank you so much Ritika….

Great photos! I'm sure the new place is worthy the searching!


Indeed… thanks for stopping by…

fantastic shots, very elegant, keep it up. hope your new space brings you good luck and happier times ahead. stay blessed xx

thank you so much….