Dragging Him By Hand

It’s been a month since I’ve been following Murad Osmann on Instagram and his works leave me awestruck every time. Curiosity got into me and I started googling about him and his work. And this is what I found about the story behind his instagram project.

Murad Osmann and his partner Nataly Zakharova are passionate travellers. They’ve been travelling around the world since 2011. The whole photography project began when Nataly was growing frustrated with Murad always being preoccupied with his camera wherever they went. She literally resorted to dragging him by hand from place to place to keep them moving. It was that perspective of Murad being led by Nataly that inspired the ongoing photo series.

I cannot tell whether I’m charmed by his looks or his talent, but I’m definitely charmed by his love story.
So I decided to do my own “dragging him by hand” photo shoot with my boyfriend.

Check out his work here: http://instagram.com/muradosmann

Photo Credit: Na Lemtur
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Beautiful. .the first thing on my mind seeing this picture. This picture has story behind it ..it md me curious ..curious to knw more abt murad osmann n aj….it has some magic. A cretive mind a creative concept. Truely divine.