Frisky Sunday with amanté

Nothing gives me great pleasure than sharing this news about the collaboration with the lingerie brand amanté. To start off with, I’m an ardent lingerie buyer. I love collecting them in different prints, colors and patterns. Nothing can compare the kind of confident that oozes out of you when you step out of your house wearing a pair of sexy lingerie. And only somebody who wears one can tell the difference. Having said that collaborating with amanté was a dream come true for me.
If we look around these days we see lingerie worn as outerwear and it’s trending everywhere from runways to red carpets and the streets. It is no longer a taboo to flash your bra under a sheer blouse, or wear it under your blazer. From celebrities to bloggers everyone is donning the look.
But one should always be careful while wearing a lingerie as an outerwear because you might end up looking trashy depending on how you go about it. And, yes, if done the right way it can be classy.

To check out more collections from amanté please click the link below:

Stay Sexy

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Love d lingeries n the pictures!!! <3

Kabi Nyori

Nice photography! I bought the first set of lace lingerie too from Amante :)