N&S GAIA by Sidarth Sinha: Voice of sustainable style

Gaia, nature, sustainable fashion all tied together with a pretty ribbon to create what we know as N&S GAIA by Sidarth Sinha to convince us sustainability is the next big fashion fad. With clothes that speak of an avant – garde tone tied in with the sensibility of ready to wear; you can trust Sidarth Sinha and his label to live up to the statement “Fashion Is Art.”
We met Sidarth and Nathaniel in their modest work studio, with their team of artisans and weavers working on the fabrics from their next collection. What stood out was the array of beautifully crafted garments that filled the space. Sidarth draws inspiration from the northeast region of India, though not originating from the region; he shares much love and appreciation for their craftsmanship and creativity and strongly believe people should really start looking towards the east. Sidarth truly pays tribute to his inspiration and the environment by using natural organic fibers and natural dyes to produce fabrics for his garments. With impeccable draping, embroidery and pleating techniques, his garments are truly works of art. An N&S GAIA women is an inceptor, she is someone who wants to look chic while being environmental friendly and isn’t afraid to garner a bit of attention.

I’m sure everyone thinks they have seen traditional ethnic crafts done with a western sensibility.
But they haven’t, not quite like this.

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Very cool.

XoXo :) nikki

I have to agree with you on that !! It sure has a modern touch to it! <3

xoxo Chaicy – Style.. A Pastiche!
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