Yes, I stand tall with my six inch heels on. Are you intimidated?
I sometimes like to pair booty shorts with a crop top, because the weather demands it and frankly I think the look is cute.
No, I am definitely not asking for “it”.
I like to dish out an elaborate spread for a dinner party what can I say, I like a little culinary intervention.
I am not in a boot camp for future housewives.
I listen to top 40 pop hits circa 2000, who cares if it makes me look lame.
Maybe I enjoy a night in more than a night out, no I don’t think I am better than you folks who like to party like it’s the roaring twenties.
I strongly believe to be a woman is to be whoever you wish to be.
You can break the gender roles inflicted upon us by society for its convenience, make a change in the world so difficult for women or you can aspire to marry.
Hey, to each her own.
So, if you see a girl doing the walk of shame at 6 o’clock at the morning, if you know this girl who goes to church every Sunday morning religiously, if you are a little more sexually active or if I had my butt out, make sure you let them know it’s best if they #butt out
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It was such an honor to be a part of the Jealous21 Campaign #ButtOut
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What I’m Wearing:
T-Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Jealous21
Heels: Zara
Cap: Forever21
Hoops: Forever21


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Loved your words 😀

Beautifully written! I totallly agree with you