Remember when Marc Jacobs put jeans underneath embellished semi sheer gowns at the Louis Vuitton s/s 14 show? that union was unexpected, perfect. The situation was quite similar when Dhruv Kapoor sent models looking a la mode down the runway in pajamas and flip flops paired with sharp tailored outerwear, and that was a beautiful union too.
The collection had a certain “purposely uncool” normcore feel to it featuring oversized trench coats and polo shirts over circle skirts, relaxed pants, sweat pants dress shirts and those Velcro flip flops. I know, most of us would prefer to never hear these editorial buzzwords again ( remember the sportluxe fad?) especially after high street retailers tear them to meaningless shreds. but Kapoor’s take on the post – ironic, anti – fashion hipster trend is refreshingly new and nothing if not super cool. the s/s collection also pays homage to winter silhouettes using summer fabric in winter staples ( see bomber jackets and sweater like dresses in mesh, bonded vests and jackets.) with colors, prints and appliqués  that reminded you of an exotic tropical gastronomy. delicious.
Je nais se qoui (if I may), but mixing the sensibility of comfort lounge wear with the sartorial appreciation and elegance of luxury wear is sort of groundbreaking (at least in my books) and those who were present at the Dhruv Kapoor s/s 15 show would agree.
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Surbee Suri, Shaily Khera & Pupul Pachauri

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What I’m Wearing:
* Velvet Black Dress: AJ Store
* Traditional Ethnic Ao Naga Shawl
* Gold Necklace: Thrifted
* Sling Bag: Zara
* Booties: Zara


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