Hornbill Festival 2014

Connectivity, time and of course festivities kept me away from blogging, thus I apologize for the long silence.
Like every year I spent my winter vacation with my family back home in Nagaland. The best time of the year I must say.
After much humming and hawing my boyfriend and I finally attended the Hornbill Festival at Kisama Village, Kohima.
Note. Our trip was one helluva noise. Two cars and eight people is no joke.
More the merrier was more of a theme. And honestly we needed that break which we all so deserved.

Ok, for the people who are not aware of the Hornbill Festival here’s a short description:
For encouraging inter-tribal cultural interaction and bringing together the festivals of the various tribes under one umbrella, the Government of Nagaland has evolved a festival called the Hornbill festival, where one can see a melange of Naga cultural displays at one place. Organised by the State Directorate of Tourism every year between December 1 and 10 in Kohima since 2000, the festival is intended to revive, protect and preserve the richness and uniqueness of the Naga heritage and attract tourists. The festival, in a way, is also a tribute to the hornbill, a bird most admired by the Naga people for its qualities of alertness and grandeur. This majestic bird is linked closely with the social and cultural life of the people, as is evident in tribal folklores, dances and songs. The awe and admiration for the bird is symbolically displayed on almost all traditional tribal headgears worn during festivities.
For more details check out Hornbill Festival website
Kohima at Night.
Tribal Morung
Local Rice Beer
Since we were there just for a day we missed so many shows and activities. We did manage to watch couple of folk dance and acts, consumed a lot of local rice beer and relished on the famous ‘Ghalo’ ( naga version of khichdi) with gusto. We regret not staying longer.
Hopefully next time will be a longer stay and possibly film and share all the 10 days activities and programs.


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