So this happened….
One fine day somewhere in December, me and my fine friends set out for a long ride in a small village outskirt of Dimapur, Nagaland called Razaphe. It was a great chance to see how few parts of the state is still unaffected by pollution, contamination and dirts – Green and more green. We stopped at one of my friend’s farm house where we relaxed for a while downing few cans of beer followed by a hefty lunch. We couldn’t be more content.
The headshots picture is more of a strayed plan. While we were relaxing and enjoying the surroundings, I couldn’t help myself but take few headshots using whatever materials I could find. So I used my tribal printed shawl and made it into one shouldered dress, a stole tied around my waist as a belt and collected few wild flowers and bunch them into a bouquet.
And ta-da some few decent portraits….
Lastly thanks to Roko & Na for these amazing pictures.
_79A5289 copy
_79A5316 copy
_79A5317 copy
_79A5318 copy
_79A5325 copy
_79A5352 copy
_79A5501 copy
_79A5507 copy
_79A5543 copy
_79A5557 copy
IMG_5392 copy
IMG_5408 copy


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