The Post-Vacation Blues

Though it’s been a while since I got back from the months-long holiday, it’s taking more effort and determination to get back on my feet and do my regular schedule. Blame it on the piercingly cold and cheerless weather or the lack of inspiration around me. Instead of getting inspired and look out for ideas and concept or go out sourcing for my online store I go about doing insignificant routine (excessive gyming, reading all about healthy diet, browsing the beauty care regime etc). Procrastination at its finest. Sigh!
However, with the lil beam of zeal that I could gather over the week, I somehow managed to put my shit together and go for the location scouting for my next project. A few test shots and trials is all I needed to get to my groove.
So hell yes I’m back!

PV2 PV3 PV4 PV5 PV6 PV7 PV8 bohemian-layering-checkered-crossbodybag-winter-oversizedcardigan-streetstyle-lookbook-ootd-blogger-whatiwore-rippedjeans.jpg
In my upcoming post few collaboration and concept shoots will be lined up.
Do stay tuned.
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Even m looking forward to loose weight n be healthy but m too lazy….can u give some tipss to be focus on it

thank you Leezer for taking your time out and visiting my site… Do visit again…

If you're planning to lose weight than start running… best to lose weight plus doesn't need much effort… all the best