DIY Photo-Shoot at Home

As much as I enjoy blogging about my everyday look, I also love to indulge a certain amount of my time to prepare and brain storm about concept shoots. And most of the ideas and creativity comes right under my own roof. Like most girls I love spending tons of my time playing with clothes. Guilty as charged. But the most amazing ideas comes from such crazy moments. And there is absolutely nothing in this whole wide world to replace the kind of sheer pleasure I get in doing so.
So today I’d like to show you guys how you can create an editorial kind of look with your everyday outfit right inside your room.

First pick the item that you want to focus on. It could a piece of jewellery, a top, a dress or even a pair of shoes. As for me I picked this top that I got as a gift from Limerick to focus on.
Secondly try to build a story around it.
Next, what kind of makeup/hairstyle to go around with your concept. Since the top that I selected already has lots of prints on it I decided to go very minimal with my makeup. And for the hair I gave a clean wet slick-back look.
Now, once everything is sorted. Grab your friend or your sister or your boyfriend to snap your pictures. They need not be a pro photographer. All you have to do is download few sample pictures for reference and show them how you’d like to be photographed. And if you have an iPhone half of your job is done. Try to spot your best angle. Be confident while striking your poses.

Make sure there is ample amount of light around the area.
Basic Photoshop skills or VSCO cam should do just fine for the final edits.
Have fun clicking.
What I Wore :
JEANS: Jealous21
SHOES: Lumberjack
BAG: Vintage


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