How I Wore It How He Wore It How We Wore It

Don’t we all love to wear our boyfriend’s clothes every now and then?
Guilty here.
It’s just a common phenomenon for girls I think. His joggers, boxers, sweats or tees we use and abuse them. My boyfriend runs out of tees and ends up buying them again and again because I keep wearing them more often than not. Sigh! I guess it’s just the softness and comfort of their clothes that we are so drawn to it. We girls mostly buy clothes that are trendy and fashionable and comfort is the last thing we take into consideration.
Agreed…. Sometimes he gets annoyed but I know one thing for sure he likes me wearing his clothes. And he did admit I look cute in them.
So just to make our daily interactions and work more fun he and I decided to do a blog post where we create a look with the same outfit in our own ways.

His Look: A very relaxed and practical look I’d say. The cut sleeve tee worn with his gym shorts and completing it with his running shoes. Effortless, sleek and clean.

Her Look: If I had to style exactly the same way like he did I’d end up looking like a petite dwarf! So instead of running shoes I replaced it with my strappy heels and clubbed few accessories to add that extra element and also to stand out as an individual style.

Word of the day: Sporty Minimalism.


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2 years 3 months ago

Two hours reading and peeking into your posts was totally worth it. I've been following you on ig and i'm a big fan. I dont know why i'v never bothered to check your blog. I'm so glad i did today. You are definitely a top trend setter and i love love the way you cloth yourself – rare and creative. Cant wait to see more interesting posts. Keep it up xoxox

2 years 3 months ago

Hey… thank you so much for all the kind words… genuinely consumed all your words… thank you once again.. xoxo