I’ve been crazy about denims for a while now and surprisingly the weather here in Delhi is amazingly awesome to still rock a denim. It also gives me a lot more options to play with my wardrobe collection before it really heats up. I guess global warming has taken a U-turn for time being.
Everyone is doing denim and I felt like I shouldn’t sit back while my denims were rotting inside my closet. If you guys are following my blogs closely you must have noticed that most of my looks/style are subtle and clean. Though I’d like to go beyond my comfort zone every now and then.
Denim has remained a definite must have in everyone’s wardrobe as it’s not only  versatile but the quality texture helps provide a high dose of comfort and head turning style to match everyone’s personal preference.  From gorgeous shirts and jeans, to an assemble of stylish pieces that women can mix and match to create a totally sophisticated looking street wear ensemble.
Anyways the look that I’m donning here in this post is pretty much inspired by the current street style trends. Is there any other item that beats the humble white tee? The answer is no, as this baby saves the day on countless occasions. I’ve clubbed my basic over-sized tee with an ombre denim skirt to give the extra edge. The chunky neckpiece, the golden wrist watch and the leather patch-work sling completes the look.
DSC_0102 copy DSC_0129 copy DSC_0114 copy
What I’m Wearing:
Ombre Skirt: AJ Store
T-Shirt: Jack & Jones
Shoe: Zara
Sling Bag: Woods
Watch: Tommy
Neckpiece: Flee Market

Sunglasses: AJ Store



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