Classic Strokes From The Streets of Delhi

The heat is on, the city is simmering but there is calm if we want to find it. I found one such calm in some nook for my #MaxRoadToParis look shoot . If you are wondering what I am talking about then it is all about the exciting contest Max has conceived that would give us participants a chance to win tickets to the world’s fashion capital. Well isn’t that every fashion lovers’ dream destination? I took it as a chance to exercise my style philosophy of finding beauty in the most unexpected things as I partook in this competition. I decided to bring out the charm of the streets which wore a deserted look but had an alluring feel and the potential of creating a photographic charm.

Going back to the moment when I was sourcing from the store there was not an ounce of confusion I had on what I wanted to pick. It was like entering a room full of people but your eyes being drawn to just one person standing in the farthest corner of the room oblivious of the appeal he/she possessed. Metaphorically speaking, this time it was not just one but four at the Max store. No doubt the collection had some interesting stuffs and adding to it is how reasonably priced the products are. You can see me wearing all the four numbers from the collection in this post.
SL (6)

When my eyes landed on the tropical printed top I knew I needed a bottom that would do justice to the length of the top and boldness of the prints and lo and behold I spotted the sweat capris in plain black that would absolutely tone down the nature of the top and bring a balance to the look. It was again a different story when I finally got home and put the items together as I tried to create a sports luxe look. There were some harmless accessories I was convinced would complete the look thus came in the armlet and handcuff. Finally, it was time for the look to achieve some sort of upscale chicness for which I totally depended on my pair of strappy heels. This one is a look if worn with flats can be one of those casual to the market and back get up and if worn with heels it could easily go places and dos that demands some amount of swankiness.

SL (5)
SL (4)
SL (3)
SL (2)
SL (1)
Talking about my second look it involved a lot of questions and risk as polkas and stripes are patterns I never really imagined together. I was afraid I will get them wrong but as they say risks are meant to be taken I took one with these two. Singularly we all know they do better than fine and are almost everyone’s favorites but collectively it would raise a doubt in everyone’s mind. Monochrome was on my mind and finding them in both the outfits got me excited and that was one reason that kept me confident and assured about the look. All I needed to do was try and bring the stripes and polkas to a stylish union. What took me by surprise was how the two look brought about a classic retro fusion. While monochrome was fine I still wanted to throw in some colours into the look and also take the chance to add a personal streak to the look. The pink turban and my silver sling gave the get up an ethnic feel and the blue clogs did all it could to keep the retro factor on high. What is most attractive about this ensemble is the obvious truth that it is something that would flatter all types of frames and on another note make one feel good about oneself. It gets even more interesting to realize how these prints have stood the test of time and keep coming around to make their statements. It’s amazing how Max has done its bit with this collection of theirs. I do not hesitate to mention that this store has something for every type of style and does not fail to make its stylish cuts.
ST (1)
ST (2)
ST (3)
ST (4)
ST (5)


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Nice outfit! Like your bangles.

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