Some Love From W For Me And My Mom

The much delayed and awaited blog post is here.
I’ve been meaning to do this special Mother’s Day edition in the month of May but sadly due to so many unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t. The delay sure does not lessen the preciousness and worth of the day for love remains the same Mother’s Day or not.
First of all we (Mom & I) are so thankful to W for Women for their love and awesome goodies that they’ve sent across.
We couldn’t be more happier and excited.
With everyday being Mother’s day this one is a post that would like to remind all about celebrating and cherishing  our mothers whenever we can. Let’s shower them with love and affection while we can.
Aien (1)
There are qualities and special somethings about our moms that we all admire and here I am highlighting my mom’s
My mom:
Patience: I don’t know how she does it, she can endure everything no matter what the circumstance are but man she can be patient.
Extremely calm: I hate it when she is so calm while there’s so much tension around.
It’s like she already knows the end result and whatever we say or do is not going to change anything.
Excellent Managerial Skill: Gosh! This one trait I failed to receive. But I’m always learning and trying to assimilate the best from her.
Selfless: She always put us (her kids) first. She has always helped people who needed one and she loves helping them.
Relatable: We share almost everything with her. Relationship issues, our careers, struggles etc.
She is more like a friend and less like a parent. But it has its own pros and cons I must say.
It is my constant effort to be a better person and live a good example. I am thankful to have my mom who have always guided me and never failed to encourage me. She has always been there by my side when the whole world failed to do so.
MOM (1) Aien (3) MOM (3) Aien (4) Aien (5) Aien (2) MOM (4) Aien (6) MOM (2)
Now let’s talk about the look.
The look that we created is simple. All we needed were the amazing kurtis from W’s SS’15 collection,  2.5 metre fabric and the accessories. I have to give my mom a thumbs up for such flawless pictures. I never knew she had that in her. She definitely rocked the street style look. Didn’t she?
Hope you like the post. Please do share your thoughts.
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This is so beautiful Jamie! Both you and mum look stunning!

Moved by this post. So precious.

thank you so much :-*

Thank you for stopping by…

Awesome post.. Stunning long kurtis :)

Damn cute, this!