In this digital age, with the rise of street-style photography and the increasing popularity of fashion blogs, unusual dressing and eccentric styles have become far more visible than ever! Fashion weeks have become almost as much about the mounting of street style as they are about the shows themselves. It’s not uncommon for people to dress up just to hang around outside the shows, hoping to get snapped by one of the many photographers and bloggers. People have become more comfortable with dressing against prescribed norms in a way that expresses their distinct personality. While dressing uniquely sounds easy in theory, it can be remarkably more difficult in practice for many of us.
So if you’re amongst those searching for their own individuality but scared to try, the best way to start is to begin small. Just do one thing differently at a time. Personal style is about conveying a part of yourself through your clothes. You don’t need to start with an obscure or eccentric base to express a message. The baby steps will definitely take you to where you truly belong. It’s all about how you wear what you wear.

To get you initiated into this process, I’ve featured a few styles engineered using VOI Jeans. This brand has an eccentric approach to design, one that does not follow conventional ideas of fashion. Their unique silhouettes, technical details and super comfort make them different. Stemming from their design ideology and all the things that they believe in is their #Unblend Campaign. And it is such an honor to me to be a part of it. Not only could I relate to the soul of this campaign but it also gave me an opportunity to show and share my own ideas on how to #unblend. It allowed me to express my eccentric side through their #unblend collections.
Space Courtesy: Rain & Peacock, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
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