FEATURED: Vogue India, September 2015 Issue

I was overjoyed when Vogue India contacted me in the month of June regarding a story for their September issue.
Only a true fashion enthusiast would know and understand my joy and how big a deal this feature was.
It’s more like a stepping stone to my next blogger reach.
Honestly, it was such a struggle to keep this news to myself for 3 months.
But the wait was worth it. I thank the Vogue Team for the feature especially Aradhana and Pahull.

Top Coat: Gap Jean Jacket

Gap brought out the beauty in a Denim Jacket all over again.
Trends come and trends go but Denim jackets have stayed. This classic beauty has a different story to tell, an item that has won soft spots in the hearts of many fashion lovers. Styling it or pulling it off is thus never a task considering its versatility.
When I laid my hands on this stunning piece from Gap, inspirations dawned on me in a flash.
I created two looks for this particular story.
Here’s the story behind the first look: Denim on denim
The denim on denim look which has successfully been making waves both in runways and street style fashionistas.
Though I must agree I have enrobed quiet a number of denim on denim blog posts, yet I never get tired of this trend.
This one is more of a bad boy, no fuss look with ill fitting as the criteria but acing the comfort factor.
Oh wait and the heels because I did not want to wholly compromise on the womanly streak.
I will upload the second look soon.

Do grab a copy of Vogue India, September 2015 Issue.

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Congratulations!! This look is so believably and effortlessly chic.