Allow me to tell you a tale. A kind of narration that will chill the bones of all you mavericks out there. From my last visit home I brought back a pair of really beautiful antelope horns which I found lying in my fathers storage, “eureka!” I thought then, I could actually wear this. I visualized this entire elaborate concept of mysticism, mythical creature in enchanting forests which didn’t feel far-fetched at all, enchanting forests are in abundance in Nagaland; was I reaching for the stars ? I then encountered the first monster that dwelled under my bed, Time. fast forward to mid September 2015. I had to use these horns that have been gathering dust for nearly a year now and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Halloween was embarking upon us, not that I indulge in all the thrills the holiday has to offer but it does inspire creative content. Rawky and I decided we wait for the rain. A gloomy weather made sense visually, the horns against the dark cloudy backdrop would have made an interesting composition; needless to say the rains didn’t show up. I felt like Gretchen Wieners that time when she couldn’t wear hoop earrings because Regina told her it was her thing. Delhi’s weather was Regina George.

Excuse my melodrama (and the mean girls reference).  As a person working in the creative field, I and lot of you would agree that there is always a constant battle between time, management and resources whilst making one’s vision a reality. Most times we end up  in an either-or situation which is demoralizing. But as Tim Gunn would have us say “make it work”, pull through and make use of what you have and who knows you might even surprise yourself, end up with something you like even better than the initial concept.

We decided it was time to end this “woe is me” act. I got in touch with Neilly Barr, a friend and a make up artist whose strength lies in her ability blend editorial and theatrical makeup fit for a Shakespearean set. We came up with a concepts of fauns (i.e. a mythical  half human, horned creature) and  forest nymphs. We were strongly influenced by the characters from the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The idea was to look worlds apart from how I usually look. We also shot this in broad daylight and all things turned out pretty well. We hope you enjoy this creative process as much as we did.







ps- Try and spot all the references that I think would make cool costumes for all hallows eve’s parties. happy Halloween!


Shoot Assisted by: Longchenti (INSTAGRAM)



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