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My love for sari draping has swiftly escalated to a full-blown addiction before I even knew it. Remember the first Sari post I did in the month of August?  Well, since then there has been no stopping. In my spare time I’m mostly on Youtube watching every Sari tutorials possible. And after watching all these tutorials I’ve realized there is not even a single channel that’s efficient enough to guide a beginner on “How to drape a Sari”. Thankfully my basic sari draping knowledge came really handy. I should start posting my own Sari tutorials on my channel. And I can assure you I’d do a better job than most of these youtubers.

Sari is one of the world’s most versatile and stylish garments, which can be draped in dozen of different ways. Apparently the simplest item of clothing possible and yet its versatility just amazes me. From small towns to urban India everyone is wrapped up in a sari wave.

When I was asked to be a part of the #IndiaCool story for the Vogue India anniversary issue I knew exactly how to show my perspective on being ‘cool’ and interpret it in my own style.
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I’m a bohemian at heart—fashion-wise at least and nothing gives me great pleasure than styling the oldest drape in my own urban bohemian style.

“Unraveling the centuries old beauties, free spiritedly experimenting into progression for how we see is not how we always wear it!” #IndiaCool

I hope you all enjoy my own rendition on how to make even a traditionally rooted garment cool, chic and wearable.

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What I’m Wearing:
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