Amazon India Fashion Week SS2016: DAY 2

NOT SO SERIOUS by Pallavi Mohan:

Flights of fantasy are never time bound. Haven’t we all experienced sometimes right in the middle o all the chaos of life, we find ourselves wandering into thoughts, remembering cherish moments of the past and unknowingly deep down irresistibly trying to live them up once again?

We want to tell you a story of a little girl, who would often paly with her kaleidoscope, tumbling and turning, wondering about the shapes changing, weaving surreal dreams around the vivid imagination, thoughts that were NOT SO SERIOUS.

Designer Pallavi Mohan travels back in time remembering her first kaleidoscope and recreating a myriad of dreams weaving through her Spring Summer 2016 Collection.We present o you- Summer Kaleidoscope.Signature dress with drape extension, crop jacket, flared pants and embellished long skirts in pop pink, powder blue, hint of yellow, peach, shades of emerald and lilac keep the mood of the inspiration alive.

The collection is an amalgamation of laser cut 3D metallic star contour on washed denim with sensuous sheer and organza giving it a feminine twist.

Construction technique include hand appliquéd laser cut patchwork, layering interwoven and interlinked weaves and fabric with a hint of playful sparkles and embroidered beads.

Keeping whole the signature style of the brand, the collection is fun, edgy, mischievous and is sure to lift up your spirits and bring back some memories!


PRAMA by Pratima Pandey:

“The Melody Affair Spring”

Pratima Pandey is a NIFT, alumni and winner of Grazia Young Awards in 2011 in the category of eco-friendly fashion. Her label Prama lays emphasis on natural fabrics and indigenous embroidery techniques thereby encouraging craftsmanship and sustainability.

A Rocco inspired shadow work taking colors from the art work ‘The Swing’ by Fragonard. Also Dabka, Ari and Parsi embroidery as decoration and combination of various material techniques to create a spectacle on chanderi in simple cuts.




| Collection Note |


“I was rummaging through the books that I have been collecting from all my travels, and as I was flipping through some of the books whose cover interested me the most, I could feel the collection coming together. It was a feeling so strong that I just knew I had to do it“ – Nandita

A sharp turn in the era of fashion – 1960’s. This time Hemant&Nandita brings forth the time – an era of advancements, an era of switch and an era of the flower. Shorter hemlines, bigger motifs in acid colours and the reflection of the onset of youth culture can be seen throughout the collection.

Hemant &Nandita work their magic on the Op and Pop Art inspired colors, 1960’s swirls and spatter embroideries and details to take you five decades back.


Shirt and Suiting fabricsfused with lace and twill give a glimpse of the inter-related cultural and political trends of 1960’s. The collection depicts embroideries in acid colors and an abundance of big flower motifs, lace plackets, lace shoulder patches and loose silhouettes giving away the idea of cross fertilization between fashion, fine arts and graphic design. The sensibility for the surface treatments reflects revolutionary and innovative concepts fused with practical ideas. Solid color threads and lace embroideries in big floral and swirl patterns to give an out-and-out 60’s vibe.

The loose fit pantsuits, jumpsuits and button up skirts with large utility pockets is Hemant&Nandita’s take on the 60’s. A-line, boxy, sharp and short shift dresses depict a simplicity in design and construction for the bold, witty and free spirited.




Romancing the era of the 50’s with flamboyant florals, sharp stripes and playful polka dots. A bold collection to celebrate the journey of the modern woman, someone with a youthful and vibrant attitude to life.

Strong prints, fit and flare silhouettes, pleated skirts, jumpsuits, halter necks and structured dresses recreated in a contemporary context, while retaining the element of classic glamour.

Cross stitch embroideries, a signature staple from the brand reappear in this collection and pixilated cross stitch prints take this story forward. Digital and graphic thread embroideries creating a 3D effect have been used in garment engineered motifs. Dupions, chanderis, crepes and georgettes are fabrics that have been extensively employed.

The collection gradually evolves into a softer pastel palette in tonal octaves keeping the silhouettes fluid, a reflection of the carefree woman of today.

Winged out eyeliner, feline shades, patent leather footwear made in Ivory nude and black accessorize and complete the look.

An extract from “Asking for Roses”

‘Tis summer again; there’s two come for roses.

A flower unplucked is but left to the falling, And nothing is gained by not gathering roses.



“The Journey”

This collection is about being on the path to self-discovery and celebrating lite as it is meant to be in nature- under a shining sun, in the meadows amidst the blooming flowers with music in every step that we take.

The spirit of the hippies and even before that….

The 60s revolution and liberation have inspired this line…

Prints dominated by floral and foliage and textures that are inspired by nature go hand in hand. Indigenously developed lacework and applique embroidery that plays hide and seek conforms the comfort of being in your own skin.

Simple monochromes with the burst of tangerine and mango brighten up the mood as we take a break from the mundane and try to cleanse our soul in the journey of Life


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