Amazon India Fashion Week SS2016: DAY 3

431-88 by Shweta Kapur:

T H E   M I S F I T S

In a quest to understand cultural behavior through fashion and clothes in the Indian context, Kapur started her research with the garment that is synonymous with the Indian woman, The Sari. The Sari, in all of 6 yards has come to represent India. With more than 180 ways of draping it, it’s the simplicity in its complexity, which drew the designer to study it more. The label that is quintessentially focused on urban wear, establishes its aesthetic with the Spring Summer 2016 collection that pays homage to the national costume, with a twist.

The art of pleating, wrapping and tying in different permutations and combination has given rise to styles, which vary across states and borders. The more the research grew deep, the more it started resonating with the subculture of punk, driven from the never-ending quest of establishing individuality, originality and a DIY spirit that defined the 70’s punk era.

THE MISFITS is sort of a personal study done by Kapur and incorporates the spirit of punk into the silhouette of a sari. The Pallus became hoodies, the hint of the sari waist and the back became the tears and slashes that were associated with punk. The stapled bead work was drawn from punk details like safety pins that were used to hold up tattered clothing. Mesh fabric from the era are translated into Mughal Jali motifs, laser cut to show a constrained distortion and colours drawing their inspiration from strong colours that were often used in hair dyes for the misfits tresses.

Fabrics used in the collection are a variety of crepes and georgettes, which are accentuated with strips of patent leather.




Is the name of my mother.

It’s hard for me to write this note. How do I even start to describe her. The magnificence of her spirit. The largesse, the generosity, the lust for life, the talent.. the embarrassingly loud laughter. Her amusement with my smaller, simpler ways. My cooking so balanced , healthy and tasty could always do with a pinch of reckless living. The men i choose always just a little ‘effeminate’.. My parenting a bit too perfect…” now chill and enjoy the kids” My work in her eyes expressed just a tiny bit of my vast unsurpassable spirit. More, more, more. Less caution, more extravance, less being nice nice .. more adventure. Less fear…more fun !

“It’s okay if it’s not in ‘perfect taste’, just show us your true colours! ”

So Ma, in this body of work I tried to pull out some of the stops. More is more. I can’t be you Ma, but i will be more of myself.

The women: The essential Anupamaa woman is a traveler. She keeps going. Her sprit of adventure allows her to let go and set herself free. Anupamaa, the brand is proud to be identified as a travel brand and is intrinsic to our DNA. Clothes that are light enough to carry anywhere and robust enough to last a lifetime. Happy clothes..anywhere!


VIRTUES by Viral, Ashish and Vikrant:




The idea stems from the choice we are making by having a powerful social media fashion influencer as the opening show stopper for label Nikhita’s show at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer’16.

We are living in an age where we make “socially conscious” sartorial choices, so why should it be any different on the ramp?

Lending a whole new “social” meaning to “Making The Cut” in Fashion. #YouCanWalkWithUs


Payal Jain:

Seamlessly blending Indian recherche’ and craftsmanship with modern day western silhouettes, Payal Jain’s name is synonymous with eternal style. An industry veteran with decades of experience under her belt, Payal prides herself on meticulously crafting every piece that she creates with intricate precision. Jain’s eponynmous brand has truly become the ageless label for designs that are born from an eclectic blend of indigenous fabrics and immaculate detailing to stand out in contemporary interpretations. She describes her brand ethous as having’ A western body with an Indian soul’.

Jain is one of the few designers that take painstaking care of each phase of her design realization. She is deeply involved in all the textile development that goes into her collection; from approving every fiber to the actual processing of the weave spending anywhere between 1?-18 months developing her line. She believes that each garment be a resplendent journey, telling a unique story.

Payal thoroughly believes in giving back to the community that has supported her thus far. She has several fashion shows, the proceedings of which go to an NGO, she works in association with. conscioulsy and ethically, she also contributes to the weaver and artisan communities in remote parts of the country that have helped enrich her collections. She has also written a book on Fashion Science for XI standard under the CBSC curriculum, which is being prescribed by several schools across the country for fashion design students.

This Spring-Summer ’16 look is interpreted by a medley of organic, natural textures and textiles sprinkled with delicate hints of shell, bugle beads, crochet, lace, macrame and hand knotting on a vast canvas of ivory and cream. The monochromes are splashed with primary color accents, highlighting the randomly juxtaposed embroi-deries and trims. Exquisite hand woven ‘Chanderi’ jacquard, ‘Dumpach’ cotton and organic lace in translucent leaf and floral motives are draped into cool, feminine, free flowing silhouettes.


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