Layering Game: Bhane :: Reboot by Anuj Bhutani

Layering Game…

Not that I ditch layering during the hot summer, but layering during winter is another ball game altogether.  It’s not just about piling on clothes and ending up looking like an urban Eskimo, but it should complement the curves and create an illusion of a more proportionate silhouette. Theoretically speaking, layering is pretty simple: add a cardigan over a tank top, or pair a dress with a blazer. But this time let’s step up the game and take “layering” to style heights like never before.
No.1 rule: Don’t Play SAFE!
Here are 5 outfit ideas to look stylish, flattering and daring.

IMG_2381 IMG_2444 IMG_2493 IMG_2513 IMG_2610 IMG_2646 IMG_2678 IMG_2781edit IMG_2818 IMG_2829A IMG_2907A IMG_2972 IMG_3002B IMG_3067 IMG_3253A IMG_3282 IMG_3287A

Now it’s your turn! Layer together your best look, snap a photo and mail it to or tag me on Instagram (jamiraien). We’d love to feature you for the street style section.


Outfit Courtesy: Bhane & Reboot by Anuj Bhutani

MUA: Divyani Pradhan
Photographer: Raju Raman



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