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Just right when I was looking for a place to shop for my winter wear, I came across this ridiculously amazing e-commerce website, Wholesale7.com, with ridiculously amazing collections and price points. I was like “Are these for real”?

Initially I was really reluctant to shop, but after browsing tons of clothes and shoes from the site I took the risk and went ahead and ordered a single item from them just to satisfy my own qualms. I mean there are so many grounds to consider before going ahead and typing out my debit card details. First there is the legitimacy of the company, secondly whether the product is as real as seen on screen and lastly the quality of the products.

I mostly shop online and I have to say that now I’ve become quite an expert on judging whether a particular online store is legit or not. But I’m never too sure, so my first order is always single piece and I make sure I don’t indulge on expensive items. It’s mostly between $20-$30 or less.

So yeah… the first product that I purchased from wholesale7 was this sexy pair of lace-up anklet hollow out heels, which cost me $14.10. It was my obsession to own a pair of laced-up heels for a while now and at last I’m a proud owner of a pair.

Shipping took longer than anticipated and the quality of the shoe was pretty much decent for the price I paid.


–>  Conclusion: I already placed my bulk order from wholesale7, also keeping the Grand Total below Rs.10,000/- to avoid paying customs. Hopefully I’ll receive them in a couple of weeks. Totally thrilled and excited.

Buy The Shoe HERE 



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