70s Nostalgia

For modern woman pants have become an indispensable part of the business style, as well as the casual and grunge. It’s amazing to see how the wide leg pants get so much attention and love from the fashion community time and time again (70s Nostalgia). Sure it’s pretty intimidating to add volumes on the bottom especially if you’re shorter in height like me. But once we figure out our body type, assembling a look is just a piece of cake.

Honestly I’ve seen countless number of people wearing wide-legs but sadly out of 10 people only 4 or less have succeeded in pulling it off. The 3% of the people happens to be tall hence whatever has been thrown on their body automatically looks flawless and effortless and the 1% short/petite group knows exactly their body types hence they choose and assemble their outfit accordingly. To my horror the 6% of the people either blindly follow the trends or they still don’t know their body type and tends to go wrong in all the effort they make.

Today I’ve paired my favorite low-waisted woolen wide leg trousers with a black crop top and a semi fitted tweed blazer (borrowed from BF). Since I veer more towards petite frame, a strappy 4 inch heels works perfectly fine, giving an illusion of long and elongated leg.

Simpler is better. Hence I skipped on jewelry and instead added this blue colored heels from Charles & Keith and a Roll-Up clutch from CORD to add a certain element of chicness.

There, a perfect everyday outfit, a combination of masculine and femininity. The key secret for the petite structure to look effortlessly chic while donning wide-legs is to wear a pair of high heels.

C&K 1 C&K 2 C&K 3 C&K 4 C&K 5

Think you can pull off a pair of wide-legs? Share your style by emailing me or share the links in the comment section below.

p.s: if you guys are searching for a perfect pair of heels to wear with your wid-legs, do not hesitate to visit Charles and Keith store as they have varieties of heels from their Holiday Collection. You surely do not wish to miss on that.


C H A R L ES & K EI T H HOLIDAY 2015 Collection delivers with just the right dose of luxe, from shimmering satin and sequins to glitzy embellishments.

The collection strikes a balance between casual and glamour . The splendour of the festive season is reworked into diamante embellishments on platform heels. Sequins and vivid colour in audacious red and soft pastel shade of pink work in unison to lend a touch of glam factor to sliders and slip -ons. Bags are accented with subtle detailing exuding a gleam of sophistication.




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