#24HoursInTheCity : New Delhi

Lee Jeans Campaign #24hoursInTheCity was one of the best and most exciting work I’ve done last year and it definitely highlights my year 2015. Honestly, this campaign #24hoursInTheCity took me to a whole new level of intimate journey that I’ve never experienced in my 9 years stay here in Delhi. Having said that, without a doubt Delhi definitely is my second home.

Below are the images along with few narrations covering






#24hoursInTheCity  #RiseWithYourCity  8:00-10:30 AM

Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and busiest market in Old Delhi. By the time I got there the road and the streets were pretty crowded considering how early I was. I’m a regular Chandni Chowk hustler since I shop most of my photoshoot props from here. An early walk through the streets was mesmerizing. It gave me a different picture and experience altogether.


RS 2I cannot function without one cup of chai in the morning.   RS 5RS 4I had some fun conversation with these group of sunbathers and they definitely didn’t mind me joining in.

Check out the guy on the extreme right with the turban.

Isn’t he so cool? I can totally rock his look.

RS 3By 10-10:30 am the streets gets busier and crowded.

#24hoursInTheCity  #RideYourCity 12:00 PM

Earlier when I was new to the city and I was on a monthly budget, my only soul commuting was via buses and metros. Now that I’m in a better financial state I commute mostly by autos or taxis.

RD1a RD2aWe rolled, we laughed and we giggled away riding around the city.

Crazy delhi rickshaw ride with Ms Coco Queen | North Delhi | Delhi University

RD3a90% of my daily commuting is by auto rickshaw.

May not be the cheapest way to travel but hey not every corner has a metro station.

RD4a RD5a

Prolly my fav picture of the bunch.

These guys were so eager to be in the frame. Hence the grin and a group picture. ( HappyDent Wala SMILE )

#24hoursInTheCity  #ExploreSecretPlaces 4:00 PM

We stopped by Majnu ka Tilla for a quick bite and of course to explore the various street shop that sells everything Tibetan! We were all so easily amused. While on the other hand I was busy buying white rabbit, garlic pickle, chicken pickle, chhurpi etc.

I always get to see something new whenever I visit MT.

MT1 MT2 MT3Finally three of us in one frame!


It’s pretty impossible to have a serious/sexy picture taken when I’m around.

But I totally love this candid moment. (at AMA Cafe)


#24hoursInTheCity  #StretchYourNights 7:30 PM

India Gate is one place in Delhi where there is something for everyone. I still remember when I came to Delhi for the first time my cousins took me there for a late night picnic. You get to see people from all walks of life – age, class and time no bar!

More than anything I enjoy participating in all the activities available at the venue. I sure don’t miss out on anything.

NT1 NT2 NT4 NT5NT3Ending the night with a cup of adrak chai.

A huge thanks to the one and only man behind the lens Rawky Ksh for all the amazing images. I couldn’t have possibly pulled this off without you.

Check Out More of His Work on INSTAGRAM :@rawkyksh




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