Keeping up with fashion is an ongoing challenge. It is difficult to keep up with fashion trends that are on the fast track, with new products/trends updating every season. It’s no secret that accessories are the best way to easily (and often inexpensively) update your wardrobe each season, but they’re also great for keeping the outfits interesting and stylish. The one accessory that I always carry with me before leaving home is sunglasses, they’re a year-round staple. And yes, I own around 30 of them! Crazy? Maybe. Blame it on my obsessions for sunglasses. I can’t really help it. I believe that everyone must own one great pair of sunnies!

I was totally stoked when Vogue Eyewear approached me to be a part of the campaign. I was one of the 6 bloggers that was chosen for this particular campaign #InVogueEyewear. Right when I was sinking in all the excitement I was told that the ace photographer Atul Kasbekar will be shooting us, the make-up guru Elton Fernandez is doing our hair and makeup and the stylist Rishi Raj put our looks together. I was always a fan of Naina Redhu and when I saw her at the venue capturing BTS, the amount of fun and excitement were amplified. And when I’m saying amplified I meant it literally!

I was in good hands and in good care. The whole experience has been just like a dream and I couldn’t be happier.

Each blogger was given a particular theme and accordingly Rishi Raj had picked up the looks for us. I wore a fringe mini skirt, a black leather jacket and a black cut out booties. I chose this blue colored Sunnies as it signifies boldness, fearlessness, a trendsetter and definitely not a follower. Somebody, who knows how to have fun and loves to experiment, don’t I look like a total 80s badass rocker chick?
Here’s the images photographed by Atul Kasbekar
NSP_4743 NSP_4734 NSP_4659 Below are the BTS images captured by Naina Redhu.
Naina.co-InVogueEyewear-Nov-2015-140 Naina.co-InVogueEyewear-Nov-2015-139 Naina.co-InVogueEyewear-Nov-2015-137 Naina.co-InVogueEyewear-Nov-2015-135 Naina.co-InVogueEyewear-Nov-2015-133 Naina.co-InVogueEyewear-Nov-2015-125 Naina.co-InVogueEyewear-Nov-2015-123 Naina.co-InVogueEyewear-Nov-2015-120
About the Vogue EyeWear Spring Summer 2016 Collection:
In line with Vogue Eyewear’s passion for quality style with a cosmopolitan soul, the latest collection reflects the dynamic elegance and visionary glamour of modern women from around the globe.

Infact, Vogue Eyewear launches the Fashion Story #3 – Texture Collection dedicated to and inspired by its three new Muses, the Brazilian model Adriana Lima, the Indian actress Deepika Padukone and the Chinese actress Liu Shishi. This collection presents a new design concept that translates the rich diversity of local traditions and global fashions into a unique language defined by the women who wear it and their charming accessories! Indeed this Fashion Story #3 is inspired by the culture of each Muse that comes to life through three distinct internal patterns. The exotic and tropical blooms define the two styles autographed by Adriana Lima; the filigree of the lustrous aqua green of Indian Jade decorates one style dedicated to Deepika Padukone, and delicate blossoms inspire the two styles signed by Liu Shishi.

Inspired by the sensual beauty of Deepika Padukone, this flattering shape combines glamorous volumes with fine, symbolic patterns and high quality finishes for modern women who love to play with complementary dualities. The light nylon fiber frame flaunts bold monotone frontals and geometric temples enhanced with the intricate filigree pattern, as well as «VOGUE EYEWEAR INSPIRED BY DEEPIKA PADUKONE» on the inside of the right temple. The color palette offers three trendy seasonal tones, including red, blue and the lustrous aqua green, which are combined with pink, lilac and dark violet motifs for a superlative, high resolution finish.

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