SMOKE HOUSE DELI: Matches Made In Heaven

Planning a romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day? Great drinks can complement your meal and give you a chance to impress him/her.

Why not spice things up this Valentine’s Day with these sip-worthy cocktails at Smoke House Deli

My Favorite cocktail Cinnamon Cherry

Smokehouse-Deli-1Smokehouse-Deli-2 Smokehouse-Deli-3Smokehouse-Deli-12Smokehouse-Deli-5Dill Or No Dill

Smokehouse-Deli-7Cinnamon Cherry

Smokehouse-Deli-8Pomegranate & Thyme


Sparkling Apple & Rosemary Rush

Smokehouse-Deli-10with Shreya Karla from For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things

Smokehouse-Deli-11with Karishma Rajani



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