Glisten Your Way Into Summer With Swarovski

Summer is here and it’s the right time for accessory lovers to check if their season’s accessories are in place or it requires upgrading. That, accessories have a way of revealing a person’s personality is one fact that cannot be missed or ignored. The right kind of accessories and jewelleries are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe so be it vintage, bohemian, classic or modern you can count on your style of accessorizing to turn heads and display your personal style.

Fashion and I Spring found its accessorizing solace in the Sea of Sparkle Spring Summer 2016 collection by Swarovski. This one is a collection that has been inspired by the world’s beautiful seas and oceans. An acquatic collection beaming with boldness is the best way to describe this collection. The collection is about celebrating the beauty of nature and each piece exudes femininity and sophistication. Another interesting aspect of the collection is that it makes the cut for almost any occasion. One thing is for sure, the collection is set to bring the perfect amount of sparkle your wardrobe needs this season.

Here are some styling highlights using some key pieces from the collection while keeping in mind the accessory trends that has been doing the rounds.

Since, last season accessory enthusiasts have been lusting on the layered necklaces and looks like the trend is here to stay even this season. But that doesn’t give the liberty to anyone throw the necklaces around the neck all at once. One needs to know that there it is an art to layer it right and it is important to achieve the dainty appeal it is known for. The main element of this style is to display a dainty and sexy feel. Check out how the long and short necklaces from Swarovski have been layered displaying a polished yet perfectly timeless look.

Swarovski India 14

Swarovski India 16 Swarovski India 15 Swarovski India 17Exist Pendant SilverStardust Short Twist Necklace BlackEast Long NecklaceExist Beige Bracelet 

While continuing the quest to accessorize, sometimes you are expected to leave no room for subtlety and that’s perhaps when the stacking business succeeds. You either scream or you go unnoticed. This one is a free spirited get up which needs generous accessorizing. The wrists and neck has been endowed with the star dust single and deluxe bracelets from Swarovski, also, amidst all the piling up the watch stands out and this is surely a look which is equal parts bold and chic.

Swarovski India 9 Swarovski India 10 Swarovski India 11 Swarovski India 12 Swarovski India 13OUTFIT by AEROPOSTALE


Slake Beige Dot BraceletSlake Dark Blue Deluxe BraceletStardust Blue BraceletStardust Green Double BraceletStardust Purple Double BraceletSlake Dark Blue Deluxe BraceletVio Thin Leather Bracelet BlackExact Bangle Rose GoldALPHA Bracelet

Why should only the ring finger get all the love? Spread your love equally amongst your ten fingers. They may vary in shapes and sizes but they all deserve to be a part of the multi ring squad. In this look the rings from Swarovski rings home the fact that more is more and there is no such thing as too many rings, stones or gems. Maybe that was the belief before the dawn of stacking multiple rings trend.

Swarovski India 1 Swarovski India 2 Swarovski India 3 Swarovski India 4Alpha RingDynamic Ring GoldDynamic RingExtra Large Open Ring / Vittore Ring / Extra Wire Pierced Earrings

When classic elegance is all that’s on your mind then you know you don’t have to delve much into how to accessorize your look. You can do it all with just about a pair of the classic hoop teamed with a bracelet and some delicate rings. Here is a spin to wearing the Swarovski’s stardust hoop, bracelet and rings which poses as the shining beacons of hope for the all black outfit. On the whole a clean, sleek and minimal look where the accessories speak of the same aesthetics.

Swarovski India 6 Swarovski India 5 Swarovski India 8

Swarovski India 7OUTFIT by KOOVS

Even Bracelet Rose Gold / Exist Double Ring / Stardust Hoop Rose Gold


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-text by Moala Longchar
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