My lifestyle revolves around Fashion and Technology.

Here’s how:

I wake up to the sound of my alarm and basically swipe through all the apps for a good 10-15 minutes to avoid dozing off again. It definitely keeps me awake and helps me get out of the bed.

Amongst so many gadgets that I own and use, my smart phone is one accessory that I do not leave the house without. And even if I do forget, no matter how late I am I alway go back and collect it. Yes, I suffer from nomophobia but who doesn’t in this age of technology, right?

From setting the alarm clock to jotting notes to replying your emails and updating your daily journals on your social media accounts – life without smartphone is just hard to imagine.

So when I buy a Smartphone these are things that I take into considerations:






Oppo F1 Plus 1 Oppo F1 Plus 3 Oppo F1 Plus 2 Oppo F1 Plus 4 Oppo F1 Plus 5

OPPO recently launched its new device F1 Plus [Selfie Expert] priced at Rs.27,990/- last month here in India. I was lucky enough to get hands-on experience during the launch and I could barely wait to get this 16mp Front Facing Camera for myself. Having mentioned the above criteria here’s why I totally love the Oppo F1 Plus and definitely gives apple iPhone6s a run for its money.



This phones runs so smoothly without any lagging. Switching between apps is so smooth. Thanks to its 4 GB of RAM.

This device doesn’t even over heat while multitasking.

You can run as many apps as you wish without having to end/kill running apps.

I had more than 15 apps opened, but that didn’t seem to slow the phone down a tad bit.



This phone had me at 16mp.

The phone’s main focus and feature, “16MP Front Facing Camera”.

It’s even larger than the rear camera (13MP)

I am so impressed with this camera!!!! It does so well under low light conditions.

Image comparison shows how awesome the front facing camera is.

This definitely is the ultimate selfie phone.

And it sure is the “SELFIE EXPERT”.



This 2850 mAh battery lasted almost 2 days after moderate usage.

That’s pretty impressive right? Way better than not having to plug in a charger every 30 minutes.

VOOC Fast Charging: The best thing ever!

The F1 Plus supports OPPO’s trademark VOOC fast charging technology.

It charges from 0 to 75% in just 35 minutes.


Take a look at these amazing RAW/Unedited images in comparison with iPhone 6s

OPPO F1 Plus Vs iPhone 6s-Front-Camera-Day-LightOPPO F1 Plus Vs iPhone 6s Front Camera Day Light.

OPPO F1 Plus Vs iPhone 6s-Front-Camera-Low-LightOPPO F1 Plus Vs iPhone 6s Front Camera Low Light.

OPPO F1 Plus Vs iPhone 6s-Rear-Camera-Day-LightOPPO F1 Plus Vs iPhone 6s REAR Camera Day Light.

OPPO F1 Plus Vs iPhone 6s-Rear-Camera-Low-LightOPPO F1 Plus Vs iPhone 6s REAR Camera Low Light.

And BTW… totally digging the voice command feature for camera where it automatically captures an image when you say, “Cheese”.

 Here are some more shameless selfies with the Beauty 4.0 Mode ON (Loving It)

Oppo F1 Plus Selfie 3 Oppo F1 Plus Selfie 2 Oppo F1 Plus Selfie 1

Oppo F1 Plus Image Sample 1@Coast Cafe, HKV (our Fav Place)

Adidas Gear OPPO F1 Plus

Oppo F1 Plus, Adidas Gear 2 Oppo F1 Plus, Adidas Gear 3





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