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The right kind of make-up and accessories can accentuate your entire personality. A simple and subtle dress or a pair of pants can look glamorous with the right kind of accessories and make-up. “One can look elegant while wearing a basic tee and a pair of jeans.”

I’m hoping this post will help you understand your style and taste better and start applying it to your daily outfit.


I did an all black on black outfit keeping in mind that I had to hit the club with my girlfriends after work. The thing about black is that it works perfectly for formals as well as casual and dressy occasions too.
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For a perfect summer Sunday brunch I couldn’t think of a better color and silhouette than this beautiful neutral colour-blocked dress. Minimal play a huge role in my everyday style and this dress is an ultimate go-to outfit for running errands or a quick trip to get your favorite cappuccino if worn with a pair of sneakers or flats.

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Being a full time blogger I have to attend so many events and sometimes I just run out of clothes! I found the perfect solution to this problem when my obsession over layering started. Denim and stripes are timeless and classic. A perfect combination that speaks both my personal style and taste. I wore statement accessories to look sharp and a bold lipstick to define my personality.

aien-jamir-c-1 aien-jamir-c-2 aien-jamir-c-3 aien-jamir-c-6

OUTFIT Courtesy: EKA




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