The Max Elite Model Look: Urban Street

When I got the opportunity to style these two aspiring models who are taking part in the upcoming Max Elite Model Look contest, I knew exactly what concept I should work on- Urban Streets. The reason why I chose this particular concept is mainly because layers play a huge part in streetwear. As a child of the 80’s, I had a blast taking cues from a time when I got to explore my edgier side.

Urban Streetwear is an amalgamation of fashion and music. In the seventies, hiphop was a cultural movement established in New York mainly among the African American and Latin Americans and thats when Urban Streetwear was born. With time people started expressing themselves through streetwear. We have seen celebrity couples’ like Kanye West and Kim Kardarshian West who have hugely popularized this very trend.

Streetwear has grown to be a massive fashion trend that created an impact amongst the young generation. However there are many brands which are offering this kind of outfits and among them it is difficult to choose the finest one.

Ever since I encountered Max Fashion in the year 2015, the brand became my ultimate go-to store for exploring fashion and trends.

Here are the looks that I’ve created for the Urban Streets Concept:

max-fashion-elite-model-look-a max-fashion-elite-model-look-b max-fashion-elite-model-look-c max-fashion-elite-model-look-d max-fashion-elite-model-look-e max-fashion-elite-model-look-f max-fashion-elite-model-look-g max-fashion-elite-model-look-h max-fashion-elite-model-look-i max-fashion-elite-model-look-j max-fashion-elite-model-look-k max-fashion-elite-model-look-l max-fashion-elite-model-look-m max-fashion-elite-model-look-n

About Elite Model Look:

Founded in 1983, Elite Model Look is the world’s most prestigious international modelling contest. It is credited with discovering Super Models including Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Lara Stone and Alessandra Ambrosio. Each year, thousands of candidates across 30 countries participate in this extraordinary modelling competition that is a launching pad, not just for a modelling career, but for the world stage.

It is such a great initiative taken up by Max giving a legit platform and grooming all these young aspiring models. In India, modeling is seldom taken seriously as a serious profession, mainly because of the lack of good platforms and mentors. The Max Elite Model Look contest is running successful in India for the 3rd year now and each year the number of registrations and aspiring models are increasing.

I’ve seen so much energy and high spirits amongst the contestants. I’m hoping and rooting for the Delhi contestants to win. All my love and support to all the participants. May the best man win.






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