Bohemian Living Room Makeover :: First Edition

After having a minimal living room space for the past 2 years, our average looking living room scene was crying for a makeover. And for the longest time we wanted to give our space a bohemian theme. However, time and budget wouldn’t allow. So we came up with an idea. Why not purchase just the key pieces to give a boho chic vibe with our existing arrangement. And maybe make some tweaks here and there and add few DIY pieces, which are also pocket friendly. So with Rawky’s help I came up with a plan of action to give our living room a boost!

Cool, classy, relaxed and free-spirited are words used to describe Bohemian home decor. So, to exemplify these characteristics, we decided to create a breezy and tropical inspired Bohemian décor to revamp our interior style.

BEFOREAien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-Before-1Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-Before-2 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-Before-3


Step 1: DIY

Make your own cool and personalized DIYs to personalize your space. I made these boho chic chandeliers with bamboo, feathers and waste fabric.

Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-After-6 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-After-7

Step 2: Cushions!

If you’re in a budget even the tiniest change in details can make a lot of difference. So yes, buy as many aztec or tribal printed cushion covers as possible along with few solid/neutral covers. Layering is the key here. You can never go wrong with layers of cushions and throw pillows.

Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-After-10 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-After-11

Step 3: Add Greens!

So, basically, I rounded up all my favorite plants in my home and put them in this room. Instant boho goodness, especially if you’re going tropical!


Step 4: Make a statement.

Get one-statement item that will scream boho! Like this animal head-Ram.

Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-After-15 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-After-14 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-After-13 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Living-Room-Decor-MakeOver-Bohemian-Vajor-After-8

Step 5: Wall Hangings

Artsy and multi-color wall hangings. If you cannot purchase one you can even DIY at home, adding your own personal touch.



Step 6: Tapestry

Tapestry screams boho! Don’t you agree? There are so many cool and fancy designs at the market these days. And with the rise of online shopping we can order any design and size we want from any part of the world.


Product Links:

Scarlet Tanager Cushion Cover Set

Palm Leaf Cushion Cover Set

Night & Day Cushion Cover

A-Alphabet Cushion Cover

Black & White Tapestry

Multicolour Wall Hanging

Sequined Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Set

Animal head-Ram


There are so many great decorative items and wonderful pieces to use if you choose a Bohemian home decor style. So there are no hard and fast rule, you can decorate in whatever style you like.


Happy Decorating!



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