Seal The Deal

Two things!

First, getting outta house for a very important meeting and you’re persistent that you seal the deal. And presentation is the key!

Second, you know you gotta do tons of work after and you don’t have much time for a quick run back home to change. What do you do now?

Think smart!

Yes, I’ve been in such situation many a times. And honestly I feel like I’ve mastered the art of wearing one outfit multiple ways. Comes with the job. Ehh.

The smartest thing to do here is go monochrome. I mean one can never go wrong when it comes to it. High heels enhances confidence? Yes, I swear by it. Like I mentioned earlier, my ulterior motive was to seal the deal and nothing makes me more confident and assertive than a pair of really nice heels. Like these Zara mesh heels. And guess what! It was all worth it. I got the campaign! No kidding.

Now, let’s tackle the next mission. Shopping, sourcing, location hunting, etc. Well, what could be a better option to choose for your soft feet than a pair of light seamless sneakers. You gotta keep your feet happy, right?

And make sure to add your own personal touch like I did by layering it up with my favorite Adidas track jacket, H&M snapback and rounded sunnies from Gucci.

Always remember to carry a pair of flats or sneakers handy.

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| Sunglasses: GUCCI/Net-A-Porter | T-Shirt: FOREVER21 | Skirt: FOREVER21 | Heels: ZARA |

 | Sneaker: REEBOK | Snapback: H&M | Bag: H&M | Jacket: ADIDAS |



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