Capsule Collection :: Monochrome Edition

If getting reading in the morning is a task then I can assure you, you do not have enough “basic” items in your wardrobe! And if you’re still denying the fact and trying to convince me that you went all crazy shopping from one mall to the other just last week. Still, you did not buy enough basic clothing or you don’t have any classic pieces in your closet. Simple as that!

Building your closet around a few basic items that can be worn year-round will guarantee that you always have something to wear.

So, if you’re like me, busy all the time and saving time is a necessity. Create a Monochrome Capsule Collection which will ultimately save your time, energy and you’ll always look put together at all times!

Once you’re set with the basics, you’d be amazed at how you can style so many looks with those items.

In order to show you guys that it is possible to create a capsule collection for an entire month, I’ve created 20 outfits with just 8 garments.

  1. Black Slim Fit Pants
  2. White Slim Fit Pants
  3. A-line Wrap Skirt
  4. Shirt Dress
  5. Button Down Shirt
  6. Bodycon Dress
  7. Anti-Fit Top
  8. Fancy Sleeveless Top


OUTFIT 2Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-2a



OUTFIT 5Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-5a

OUTFIT 6Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-6a

OUTFIT 7 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-7a

OUTFIT 8 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-8a

OUTFIT 9 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-9a

OUTFIT 10 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-10a

OUTFIT 11 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-11a

OUTFIT 12 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-12a

OUTFIT 13Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-13a

OUTFIT 14Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-14a

OUTFIT 15 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-15a

OUTFIT 16 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-16a

OUTFIT 17 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-17a

OUTFIT 18 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-18a

OUTFIT 19 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-19a

OUTFIT 20 Aien-Jamir-12-AM-PM-Basics-20a

| Shirt, Pants, Skirt, Dress, Shirt Dress, Sleeveless Top, Anti-Fit Top: TWELVE AM:PM| Heels: ZARA |

I hope this post will inspire you to create your own capsule collection.

Do let me know what do you think about this post.

Also, please do share if you want me to cover a particular story.

I’d be happy to hear from you guys.

And BTW, if you like what I’m wearing you can buy all these amazing collection from any Twelve AM:PM Store in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore.





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