Florals, Prints & Pastels :: Street Style Edits

If you think pastels are too girly or feminine then why not jazz it up according to your taste and aesthetics!

It’s pretty simple if you ask me.

I do not want to miss out on all the fun and lovely hues when one can pretty much rock in them.

Just recently when I visiting the TWELVE AM:PM store at Khan Market I was certain that I was going to pick just one outfit look. But when I saw the racks of clothes with pastels at one corner, prints on the other my creative corner started visualizing various mood boards and I couldn’t let go of that moment. So I decided to create a series of stories and bring something new and fun for you all.

My visit to TWELVE AM:PM store made me realize that I still haven’t seriously indulged myself in pastels yet. So this gave me a huge opportunity to challenge myself whether or not I can slay pretty and cute garments. And I think I totally did it. Don’t you agree?

I played around with florals and prints and layered it up with this mint anti-fit jacket. I finish off the entire look by pairing it with my Adidas sneakers to give it a sporty street style feel. Simple right? I told you. Now, take out all your pastel collection from your closet or if you do not have one visit the nearest 12 AMPM store and get them. It’s time to give your Instagram feed some pastel galore.

In the coming episode (blog post) there will be much more jazzy and fun stories so stay tuned.

Aien Jamir -Twelve-AM-PM-1 Aien Jamir -Twelve-AM-PM-2 Aien Jamir -Twelve-AM-PM-3

Aien Jamir -Twelve-AM-PM-4

Aien Jamir -Twelve-AM-PM-5

Aien Jamir -Twelve-AM-PM-6

Aien Jamir -Twelve-AM-PM-7

| Shirt: TWELVE AM:PM | Pants: TWELVE AM:PM| Jacket: TWELVE AM:PM |Shoes: ADIDAS





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