Pastel Blue

How are you guys working your street style jam? Laid back Style? I don’t give a F@*& look? Or I’m the king of street style bomb look? Whatever your answers are please do tell me all about it in the comment section below, I’d love to hear.

As for me, I’m totally jamming my street looks with pastels these days (a recent obsession).  I mean who would have thought one could totally nail pastels head-to-toe with a badass attitude, right? I’ve always been an experimental chick when it comes to fashion and I have no plans to stop that any time soon. So if you think at any point that AJ is totally losing her shit please make note, I’m not. I just love to try out what’s best and new and if having fun is a crime than I would have been in jail long time back!

Coming back to pastels… This is my second post on pastels this month and if you think I’m doing a lil too much of it at least let me know whether I’m nailing the trend, aite? Coz come on it doesn’t hurt to fish a compliment or two (hehe).

I truly believe that pastels aren’t just a spring or summer trend. It is a long haul kind of trend, which is gonna to stick year round. So make no mistake, if you think that purchasing any pastel garment is just a one-time buy, then you’re utterly wrong. Pastels will swallow all the trends whilst flying solo and having its major moments. *Sing it y’all!

What matters is that they look great, so why not.

Summer isn’t over yet and winter is a long way from home. So whilst we’re still soaking up the fresh summer love, why not make the most of it. At least when you look back, you will have no regrets with your outfit decisions.

Aien-Jamir-Twelve-AM-Pm-StreetStyle-2 Aien-Jamir-Twelve-AM-Pm-StreetStyle-3 Aien-Jamir-Twelve-AM-Pm-StreetStyle-4 Aien-Jamir-Twelve-AM-Pm-StreetStyle-5 Aien-Jamir-Twelve-AM-Pm-StreetStyle-6 Aien-Jamir-Twelve-AM-Pm-StreetStyle-7| Pants & Top: TWELVE AM:PM| Heels: ZARA |

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