31 Outfits Under Rs.3000/$45

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As requested, here’s the outfit challenge from SAROJINI NAGAR Market. I spent exactly Rs.2745/- (US$ 43) altogether. Also I’d like to mention that I’m using a pre-owned white canvas in this series because the store did have it my size. But the cost of the shoe at Sarojini Nagar market for White Canvas is just Rs.300/-. Unlike last video I just went ahead with the flow without any preparation to create these looks. Hence I missed out at least 10 looks, which I later on realized after filming and shooting.

Here are the list of Items & Prices:

  1. Oversized Sweater – Rs.200/-
  2. Striped Culottes – Rs.200/-
  3. White Canvas – Rs.300/-
  4. Grey Pullover – Rs.80/-
  5. Denim Bomber Jacket – Rs.150/-
  6. Denim Shorts – Rs.200/-
  7. Fur Slides – Rs.300/-
  8. Denim Shirt – Rs.150/-
  9. Striped T Shirt – Rs.100/-
  10. Polka Dot T Shirt – Rs.100/-
  11. Oversized Button Down White Shirt- Rs.150/-
  12. Kolhapuri Chappal – Rs.200/-
  13. Black Slip Dress – Rs.100/-
  14. Green Top – Rs.80/-
  15. Suede Skirt – Rs.175/-
  16. Black Button Down Tunic – Rs.80/-
  17. White T Shirt – Rs.100/-
  18. Black Tank Top – Rs.80/-

TOTAL: Rs.2745/-








I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it. I have received a lot of feedback and queries from you all and I’m noting down everything. And yes, I’ll be doing more of the similar stories in the upcoming posts. So watch the space.

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