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AKIRA MING is a fashion label for women that has, besides creative imagination, ethics, compassion and the environment at its heart. Style and elegance have often had an inherent cost for either the environment or for humans. AKIRA MING pushes against this notion and endeavours to produce beautiful styles using the most ethical and sustainable practices. AKIRA MING uses 100% natural and hand-woven fabrics for all its designs. Instead of regular silk, they use a fabric called Ahimsa Silk; unlike commercial silk, Ahimsa silk is produced in a way that avoids harming or killing of silkworms.

The Malmal Khadi fabric that goes into the making of various AKIRA MIING creations is sourced directly from the Malkha Initiative centre. This initiative supports people involved in the production of the fabric, the farmers and the hand-weavers, by ensuring fair pay for each of them and by elimination of middlemen. The khadi fabric is dyed with environmentally safe and sustainable vegetable dyes.

Akira Ming supports those who share their enthusiasm for conserving and protecting the environment.

In collaboration with Scrap App India, AKIRA MING plants 5 trees for each garment it sells. They also donate 5% of their annual sales to Waste Warriors – an NGO leading efforts in waste management in India.

Be it world hunger, poverty or providing a child with a pair of shoes, there is something pretty empowering about dressing to make the world a better place. And I truly believe that Akira Ming are just doing that!

More power to you guys!

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