Make Cheap Clothes Look More Expensive

How To Find Cheap Clothes And Make Them Look More Expensive

Well, not everyone who loves fashion has the money (or time) to spend on curating the perfect wardrobe full of high-end pieces. It’s all about finding good deals on essentials and keeping your shopping as simple as possible. But even when we don’t have extra room in our budgets for a pricey dress or a new top, we still don’t want to look like we’re wearing sale finds and fast fashion pieces. So what else can you do to make your cheap clothes look expensive?

As for me, I dig through the piles of clothes and try to grab the most unique piece I can find. And most of the time the pieces that I love are the ones that’s been overlooked or thrown away. So I get lucky most of the time!

Styling plays a major role too. If you’re creative and smart in creating an editorial worthy outfit, you’re sorted.

Accessories comes next. Accessories are just as important part of the equation, and the great thing is that accessories are typically cheaper than clothes. If you find great statement pieces under the budget make sure to get them. Sometimes the perfect statement pieces can also elevate an ensemble.

What I’m wearing:

Jumpsuit – Rs.200/- from Sarojini Nagar Market,

Belt – Rs.80/- from a Theme Party Shop,

Shoes – Zara.

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