MAX Fashion x Elite Model Look 2017

The one and only prestigious and legit model hunt hosted by Max Fashion, Elite Model Look 2017 went down last month in Goa, Marriott Resort & Spa. If you guys have been following my social media channels I’m certain that you already have a gist of it. Every year it’s getting bigger and better. Max team has been scouting aspiring models from all over the cities including the small cities and small states.

During the regional round in Delhi I had the privilege to cover the event as well as style two of the finalists with Max Fashion Collection. I was supposed to create only one look each for the models but I couldn’t let go of the opportunity to style these two aspiring models, Jesslina and Divyam with Max’s clothing. Why not make the most of it while you have the opportunity, Right?

Look 1: Music Fest

I worked around themes for each look. Inspired by the famous music and art festival, Coachella I created these cool, easy and laidback looks for Jess and Divyam. The only rule here seems to be there are no rules. You can either pile up or pick your fav t-shirt and shorts and be your individual best!

On her: Slip dress worn with an oversized denim shirt with combat boots.

On him: Dyed logo tee with a pair of denim shorts with combat boots.

Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-1 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-2 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-3 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-4

Look 2: Military Chic Street Style

Personally, I love this trend because of the mannish touch that makes every look so special and powerful. This trend appears in every style, as well as in combination with other trends by mixing various prints and silhouettes. You can never go wrong with this trend.

On her: Camouflage printed shirt paired with olive green pants.

On him: Khaki tee with camo detailed pocket in the front paired with tropical leaf printed pants.

Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-5 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-6 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-7 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-8

Look 3: Editorial

This look was the most versatile, minimal and elegant shoot from the rest. Of course, styling, subject and makeup play a major role to achieve the desired mood. Playing around with the fall truest neutral, grey.

On her: Pleated silver blouse with pin-stripe pants finishing it off with a pair of oxford shoes

On him: Charcoal polo shirt tucked in with a pair of checkered pants.

Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-9 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-10 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-11 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-12 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-13

Look 4: Back to School

Fall is about to hit in full force, bringing with it the start of a new semester of studying—and a whole new set of back-to-school outfits. Finding a super-stylish back-to-school outfit on first day of school could be tricky. But with the right garments, styling and attitude you can totally rock your first day at school.

On her: Pink embossed logo tee with a laser-cut detailed bomber jacket, layered with a khaki trench and tutu skirt.

On him: Grey jumper layered with a box tee and a pair of ripped jeans.

Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-14 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-15 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-16 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-17 Aien-Jamir-Fashion-&-I-Max-Fashion-EML-2017-18

If you’re looking for a wardrobe update, make sure to visit Max Fashion nearest store and check out their latest collection. And if you’re an aspiring model looking for a platform to showcase your talent, make sure to participate in next year’s Max Elite Model Look contest.


All the details are below:

MAX Fashion

Elite Model Look India

Hair & Make-Up: Awon R Vashum

Location Courtesy: What A Comic Show, GK II




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