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Fashion has and ebb and flow that sometimes seems confounding when you really think of it. And 2017 was definitely a Gucci year. Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director has opened our eyes with a fresh perspective on what is fashionable. He introduced a revised new eccentricity as seen in Gucci Cruise 2018 that promised a little bit of magic for every fashion lover. Individuality has become the forefront, and Gucci has definitely made every piece from their collection something spectacular. And this blogger has definitely felt that magic, even in my own daily life.

The biggest conundrum of the day starts early on in a bedroom, particularly in one’s closet. How does one do casual without looking like everyone else? Every day has its struggles, but you can fight through anything in an awesome outfit, and in this case, a Gucci T-shirt (Gift Gifting 2017) which gave a mundane Thursday a whole brighter outlook. And with the armor on, I set out to tackle my long to- do list. And first off that list is going to the market.

An advantage of living in a huge city such as Delhi is that you see a whole array of people in a market whether it’s a busy clothing market like Sarojini Nagar or even fetching some milk at a local market near you. The city is always a breath of life with so many different cultures and that affects you. You are but a dot in a massive population, and yet you stand out because of what you choose to wear, how you think and how you live your life. With this in my mind, I skip without a beat in my walk back home.

As I prepared for my shoot, the notion of individuality was not far from my mind. How could it not be with all the Gucci clothes I was sent to play with! Every single piece had a personality and yet, when I put them on together, I wanted and hopefully succeeded in maintaining my style sensibility and not be entrenched in just designer clothes .After all, it is the man (or in this case, the woman) that makes the clothes and not vice versa. The Tata Housing Primanti in Gurgaon was the perfect backdrop for this new exciting collaboration. Next, my week doesn’t wind up without a launch party or an event to attend.

The shoot was a bit more tiring than I had expected but I am a woman who keeps her word! With a press of the refresh button, I was all ready to make my event. Clothes have a wonderful way of transforming your mood, and in the case of a party, a bit of sparkle in my skirt definitely made me feel like a queen. And yes, I still had some Gucci on me, so that also livened up my part spirit. And with the last task being crossed off my list, I can finally say, “I had a very productive day.”

Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-1 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-2 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-3 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-4 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-5 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-6 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-7 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-8 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-9 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-10 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-12 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-13 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-14 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-15 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-16 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-17 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-18| at LOCK & KEY, Gurugram |Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-19 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-20 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-21 Aien-Jamir-GUCCI-GucciGift-22xx

About Primanti: Primanti is a premium luxury housing complex; spread majestically over 36 acres of sprawling landscape. A series of interconnected orchards, meadows and gardens span sinuously across the complex. The rich flora forms, dramatic patterns with stone structures and water features, are inspired by Delhi’s Mughal Gardens. Primanti is a green haven with 80% of the property reserved for open spaces. Amidst these landscaped gardens are the premium villas, duplexes and luxurious tower residences, with elevated courtyards, open terraces and private gardens.

Location Courtesy: TATA Housing Primanti, Gurugram
Location Courtesy: Lock & Key, Gurugram





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